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It all started in 2001, after September 11, to unite the community and provide enjoyment in a challenging time. That is how the tradition began. Twenty-two years later, we continue to host this annual event, only taking a break in 2020 (we all know why). This yearly event is not only a tradition for Alford and our employees but also for the extended family and community.

“The Alford Chili cookoff holds a unique place in my life. I remember attending the first event in elementary school with my parents, Mitch and Bethel Bird. Over the years, the presentations have become more elaborate, more involved, and frankly, more clever. Now, to be working for Alford, after growing up in the industry, being at the event every year, and getting to participate as not only a participant but an Alford employee, is really special.”

Alden Bird
Alford Media Repair Technician 

This event isn’t just about the chili. This event also helps us to give back and provide family fun for all ages. We develop new activities each year to keep everyone entertained. From bringing in giant LED Screens to watch the football games on Sunday, bounce houses, building our very own Ax Throwing booth, cake walks, and so much more.

We always want to remember why we started this in the first place—bringing people together in challenging times. Last year (2022), we teamed up with the Speedway for Children’s Charities and raised over $5300 in the efforts to provide clothing and shoes for over 150 kids entering emergency shelters. This year, our efforts will go towards assisting our Cross Rental Manager, Benji Palmer’s son Graham.

We look forward to seeing you at our next Chili CookOff on November 5th. Visit here for more info.