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Ray Sanders


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What is your favorite thing about your job or the industry?:
The adventure. Days and places tend to differ often, and the people I work with everywhere are the best and always willing to teach if I ask.

Briefly state what got you into the event technology industry:
A friend joined the team in 2012 and said there was an opening here, so I applied shortly after. That was probably the best thing I have ever done for my career.

What professional accomplishment(s) are you most proud of?:
Associate in Science from Richland College, Rookie of the Year at Alford, 5-time department employee of the year at Micro Center.

Wade Diebold - Account Manager

Matthew Walker

Video Technical Director

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What is your favorite thing about your job or the industry?:
My favorite thing about my job is that I constantly venture into new technology. The industry has a lot to offer in opportunity and creativity.

Could you briefly state what got you into the event technology industry?: 
I went to college wanting to work in film. I then started working in the film industry and the event industry at the same time. I quickly realized that I liked the people at events a lot more.

In two sentences or less, what do you do?:
I piece together the visual elements of what everyone has worked to make perfect. Then, I am the final output of that completed chain that the audience sees.

Scott Miller - Account Manager

Eric Hagström

Project Manager

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What five things could you not live without?:
Faith, Family, Friends, Animals, and Adventures…

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?:
 A veterinary horse surgeon.

If you could travel back in time – what year would you choose and why?:
A.D. 31, I’d would love to see the resurrection of Jesus.

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Corinna Lunsford

Accounting Manager

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What is your favorite thing about your job or the industry?:
I love to be of service and help others wherever and however, I can. Being part of the support team, I get that opportunity every day.

In two sentences or less, what does My Job Title really do:
It is Office Administrator, and I have had the opportunity to provide support in accounting, payroll, HR, Safety Committee, reception, and anything anyone else asks of me.

What accomplishment(s) are you most proud of in your personal life?: Becoming a mother and having a wonderful blended family.

Pam Schoen - Account Manager

Jonathan Moon


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Jonathan has been a video production freelancer for almost 11 years, creating Moon Media LLC along the way. Here is why Jonathan chooses to work with Alford Media. "I continue to stay excited and grateful to have been welcomed into the Alford family since 2018! I use the word
"family" because of the warm reception I received from the staff and everyone who exhibits the burgundy spirit so well. I believe Alford people command excellence in their craft everywhere they go. I feel privileged to learn and grow alongside the team I consider to be the best in the business!"

Janice Barr - Account Manager

Raymond Riley

Operations Lead

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Would you instead hike a mountain or lay on the beach?:
Beach 100% especially cause I live in Texas.

Would you rather have a personal chef or a maid? Why?: Oh! A personal chef all day. No more dishes!

What is your favorite hobby, and why?: 
I love playing paintball on the weekends. Super fun to get a good adrenaline rush and have a good time with friends.