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Headshot of Berto

My Road To The Show is an Alford Media Series where you will meet an Alford Employee and learn about their Journey to the SHOW! This month, you will meet Robert Bennett. Berto started with Alford Media in 2001 as a member of our Warehouse Ops team. Over the last two decades, he worked his way into one of our most requested project managers.

MRTTS- How did you hear about Alford Media?

Berto- My mom worked with Sherri Wolf when I was in Junior High, and they got their nails done together every other Saturday. Sherri asked my mom what I was doing after high school, and since there wasn’t much landscape work in November, she reached out to Gary Scott. So it is his fault; I mean a big thanks to Gary Scott.

MRTTS- What was your first position at Alford?

Berto- My first position at Alford Media was as a Quality Control Technician and Commando in the warehouse! Basically, showsite set/strike labor

MRTTS -During your time at Alford, who made the most significant impact on your life?

Berto- Every person in a Burgundy shirt has had an impact on me. Showing me what to do and, more importantly, what not to do! Terry St. Peters, of course, for mentoring me in rigging and lighting, Pat Reed for being a constant sounding board, and Eric Hagström for setting the Standard.

MRTTS- What is your approach to Project Management?

Berto- Every show is like making a sandwich; the ingredients change. Leading by example and letting people do what they do seems to work for me.

MRTTS- What is your fondest memory of Alford Media?

Berto - Staging a show in Alcatraz in the middle of the night was different!

Alcatraz by boat

MRTTS- With this being our 40th anniversary year, where will you see the industry in 40 years?

Berto- It is hard to say, but the gear will change. However, the need for people to meet and celebrate the accomplishments of others will still be worth it.

MRTTS- What in your career are you most proud of?

Berto- My wife Deanna and my two kids, Johnny and Reagan, first and foremost, and the Extended Alford Family I have made along the way!

MRTTS- What would you be doing if you weren’t working for Alford?

Berto- I honestly don’t know.

MRTTS- And we are thankful we don’t have to know!

MRTTS- Any advice for anyone looking to break into this industry?

Berto - RUN, or be ready to eat a shit sandwich while operating a three-wheel wagon!

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